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Cosmetic Trends 2014

Wednesday, 9th April, 2014

This year has seen Britney Spears admit to having lip fillers, Christine Hamilton opting for a non-surgical face lift and Sharon Osbourne returning to the X-Factor looking younger than when she started the show nine years ago.

And new statistics reveal that cosmetic treatments were big news in 2013 with the vampire facial and varicose vein operations proving the most popular.

The vampire facial treatment, which involves drawing the patient’s own blood, separating the layer that is filled with platelets and then injecting it back into the face, has seen an 800 per cent increase this year.

Although it has been used to treat sports stars’ injuries – such as Kobi Bryant and Tiger Woods – for some time, only recently has it been used for anti-ageing purposes.

Kim Kardashian ensured it hit the headlines when tweeted her way through a session in March this year.

Anti-ageing treatments were a key theme in 2013 with dermal fillers, non-surgical facelifts and energy treatments to tighten skin all seeing increases of 93 per cent, 93 per cent and 80 per cent respectively.

Pixel laser resurfacing, which promises to smooth out fine lines, dropped by 59 per cent in the past 12 months, as more sophisticated alternatives - such as radio-frequency based treatment Thermage - became available in the UK, which required far less downtime for patients., who compiled the results, predict that nitrogen plasma facials will be highly sought after.

Already popular in the US, there are already five UK clinics using plasma energy instead of laser to generate new skin and stimulate collagen, with less bruising or discomfort and no bleeding.

Experts claim that plasma provides a greater level of control with less recovery time and, unlike lasers, can treat delicate eye areas.

Ultherapy, a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that uses ultrasound to encourage the production of collagen to tighten skin, is set to be a big trend next year, having seen a fivefold increase in enquiries since it received FDA approval in August.

Another one to watch for 2014 is ultrasonic cavitation, with enquiries up by 328 per cent in the last three months alone.

The procedure, also known as ‘ultrasound liposuction’, again uses sound wave energy at low frequencies but this time targeting intractable fat cells without the need for down time or anaesthetic.

A spokesperson for said: 'This year has seen some exciting new treatments come to market, which are already driving interest with patients looking for non-surgical alternatives.

'Non-surgical interventions such as laser treatment, IPL and injectables all carry serious risks. We recommend researching your practitioner to ensure they are not only experienced and qualified, but that they are covered for all possible risks, including accidents.

'Make sure their insurance also covers the tools and equipment they use.'